BGB540 Datasheet PDF – Active Biased RF Transistor

Part Number : BGB540

Marking : MCs

Function : Active Biased RF Transistor

Package : SOT-343 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Image and Pinouts :

BGB540 datasheet


Description :

This is Active Biased RF Transistor.

SIEGET -45 NPN Transistor with integrated biasing for high gain low noise figure applications.
Ic can be controlled using I bias according to Ic =10*I bias .

Features :

1. Gms= 18dB at 1.8GHz
2. Small SOT-343 package
3. Current easy adjustable by an external resistor
4. Open collector output
5. Typical supply voltage: 1.4-4.3V
6. SIEGET -45 technology

Applications :

1. For high gain low noise amplifiers
2. Ideal for wideband applications, cellular phones, cordless telephones, SAT-TV and high frequency

Other data sheets within the file : BGB-540


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