BH4126FV Datasheet – Wide Band IF Detector ( PDF )

Part Number : BH4126FV

Function : Wide Band IF Detector for RF remote control units

Package : SSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts :

BH4126FV datasheet

Description :

The BH4126FV is an IC equipped with internal mixer, IF amplifier, and FM detector circuits, developed for use with RF remote control units.

Features :

1. Equipped with internal mixer, IF, RSSI, and FM detection circuits.
2. Can be operated at mixer input frequencies ranging from 20MHz to 300MHz.
3. Equipped with a battery power saving function.
4. Fast RSSI response.
5. High FM detection sensitivity. (21.2mV / kHz)

Applications :

1. Keyless entry

Other data sheets within the file : BH4126F, BH4126


BH4126FV Datasheet PDF Download

BH4126FV pdf

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