BMD101 Datasheet – ECG Bio-Sensor – NeuroSky ( PDF )

Part Number: BMD101

Function: 3-generation bio-signal detection and processing SoC

Package: SON8

Manufacturer: NeuroSky



The BMD101 is NeuroSky’s 3-generation bio-signal detection and processing SoC device. Device is designed with an  advanced analog front-end circuitry and a flexible, powerful  digital signal processing structure. It targets bio-signal inputs ranging from uV to mV level and  deployed passes the raw signal through with NeuroSky proprietary algorithms. The Low-Noise-Amplifier and ADC are the main components of the  BMD101  analog front end.

Because of the BMD101’s extremely low system noise and programmable gain, it can detect  bio -signals  and convert them into digital words using a 16-bit high resolution ADC. The AFE also contains a sensor-off detection circuit.

The BMD101 CardioChip’s revolutionary capability enables wearable and mobile devices to easily capture more valuable health and fitness metrics from a user’s wrist or fingertips. These key metrics are derived from the user’s ECG data by intelligent algorithms, and are presented in an easy to understand manner that provides significant information about their health and fitness in a wearable/mobile device.

Circuit  BMD101 Circuit

Advanced Analog Signal Processing :

• High Performance AFE for Bio-Signal Detection Ranging from uV Level to mV Level

• Advanced Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) and Anti-alias Filtering

• High Resolution (16-bit) ADC

• Low Input-Referred Noise

• Automatic Sensor-Off Detection

• Fully integrated high pass filter with DC drifts removal

BMD101 Pinout

BMD101 Datasheet Pinouts

1. CS Power up or down control of LDO Input Active high
2. SEP Positive ECG analog input Input
3. SEN Negative ECG analog input Input
4. RX UART RX Input
5. TX UART TX Output
6. RESET System reset pin Input Active low
7. GND Ground Supply
8. VDD 3.3V power supply


BMD101 pdf

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