BMD101 Datasheet For ECG Sensor – NeuroSky

Part Number : BMD101

Package : SON8

Manufacturers : NeuroSky



BMD101 is NeuroSky’s 3-generation bio-signal detection and processing SoC device. Device is designed with an  advanced analog front-end circuitry and a flexible, powerful  digital signal processing structure. It targets bio-signal inputs ranging from uV to mV level and  deployed passes the raw signal through with NeuroSky proprietary algorithms.
The Low-Noise-Amplifier and ADC are the main components of the  BMD101  analog front end. Because
of  the  BMD101’s  extremely  low  system  noise  and  programmable  gain,  it  can  detect  bio -signals  and convert them into digital words using a 16-bit high resolution ADC. The AFE also contains a  sensor-off
detection circuit.

Circuit  BMD101 Circuit

BMD101 PinoutBMD101 Datasheet Pinouts

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