BP1808 PDF – Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver

Part Number: BP1808

Function: Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: BPS


BP1808 pinout datasheet



The BP1808 is a DC/DC constant current LED driver with an integrated 70V/300mΩ MOSFET designed for a wide input-voltage range of 3V to 60V. The BP1808 can be configured as Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost topology.  With a current sense reference of 200mV, the LED current is programmed by an external current sense resistor and the power loss is minimized. […]


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1. Wide 3V to 60V Input Voltage Range
2. Supporting Boost, Buck-Boost, Buck Topology
3. Integrated 70V/300mΩ MOSFET
4. ±3% LED Output Current Accuracy
5. Combined Analog and PWM Dimming
6. Fixed 420kHz operating Frequency
7. Adjustable Soft-Start
8. Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limiting



1. MR16 LED Lighting
2. Smart Dimming LED lighting
3. Automotive LED Lighting
4. Solar LED lighting
5. Other LED Lighting

BP1808 Datasheet