BP2836D – Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver

Part Number : BP2836D

Function : Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver

Package : DIP 8 Pin

Manufactures : BPS

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晶丰明源半导体 BP2836D Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver Description The BP2836D is a high precision buck constant current LED driver. The device operates in critical conduction mode and is suitable for 85Vac~265Vac universal input offline LED lighting. The BP2836D integrates a 500V power MOSFET. With patent pending MOSFET driving technique, the operating current of the IC is very low. So it doesn’t need the auxiliary winding for supplying the chip. It can achieve excellent constant current performance with very few external components, so the system cost and size are minimized. The BP2836D utilizes patent pending current control method. It can achieve precise output current and excellent line regulation. The driver operates in critical conduction mode, the output current does not change with the inductance and LED output voltage. The BP2836D offers rich protection functions to improve the system reliability, including LED open circuit protection, LED short circuit protection, VCC under voltage protection, CS resistor short circuit protection and thermal regulation function. Features  Critical Conduction Mode Operation  Internal 500V Power MOSFET  No Auxiliary Winding  Ultra Low Operating Current  ±5% LED Output Current Accuracy  LED Open Protection  LED Short Protection  Current Sensing Resistor Short Protection  VCC Under Voltage Protection  Thermal Regulation Function  Available in DIP-8 Package Applications  LED Tube  LED Ceiling Light  LED Bulb  Other LED Lighting Typical Application AC BP2836D 4 VCC DRAIN 5 2 ROVP DRAIN 6 3 NC CS 7 1 GND CS 8 BP2836D_EN _DS_Rev.1.0 Figure 1. Typical application circuit for BP2836D www.bpsemi.com BPS Confidential – Customer Use Only 1 晶丰明源半导体 Ordering Information Part Number Package BP2836D DIP8 BP2836D Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver Operating Temperature -40 ℃ to 105 ℃ Package Method Tube 50 Piece/Tube Marking BP2836D XXXXXY WWXYY Pin Configuration and Marking Information BP2836D XXXXXY WWXYY GND ROVP NC VCC CS CS DRAIN DRAIN XXXXXY: Lot Code WW: Sign X: Year YY: Week Pin Definition Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5,6 Name GND ROVP NC VCC DRAIN 7,8 CS Figure 2. Pin configuration Description Ground Over Voltage Protection Setting Pin. Connect a resistor to GND No connection. Should be connected to IC GND(Pin1) Power Supply Pin Internal HV Power MOSFET Drain Current Sense Pin. Connect a sense resistor between this pin and GND pin. BP2836D_EN _DS_Rev.1.0 www.bpsemi.com BPS Confidential – Customer Use Only 2 晶丰明源半导体 BP2836D Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver Absolute Maximum Ratings (note1) Symbol Parameters Range Units ICC_MAX DRAIN VCC pin maximum sink current Internal HV MOSFET drain voltage 5 -0.3~500 mA V CS Current sense pin input voltage -0.3~6 V ROVP Over-voltage setting pin voltage -0.3~6 V PDMAX θJA TJ TSTG Power dissipation (note 2) Thermal resistance (Junction […]

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