BQ24170RGYR Datasheet PDF

Part Number : BQ24170RGYR

Function : 1.6-MHz Synchronous Switch-Mode Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Stand-Alone Battery Charger / Up to 94% Efficiency

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

BQ24170RGYR datasheet

Description :

The bq24170/172 is highly integrated stand-alone Li-ion and Li-polymer switch-mode battery charger
with two integrated N-channel power MOSFETs. It offers a constant-frequency synchronous PWM
controller with high accuracy regulation of input current, charge current, and voltage. It closely
monitors the battery pack temperature to allow charge only in a preset temperature window. It also
provides battery detection, pre-conditioning, charge termination, and charge status monitoring. The
thermal regulation loop reduces charge current to maintain the junction temperature of 120°C during

The bq24170/172 charges the battery in three phases: precondictioning, constant current, and
constant voltage. The bq24170 charges one, two, or three cells (selected by CELL pin), and the bq24172 is adjustable for up to three series Li+ cells.

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