BSC25-Z1408 PDF – BSC25Z1408, Flyback Transformer

Part Number: BSC25-Z1408, BSC25Z1408

Function: Flyback Transformer

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:BSC25-Z1408 datasheet


BSC25-Z1408 is Flyback Transformer. A flyback transformer is a type of transformer used in flyback converters, a type of switched-mode power supply (SMPS) circuit. Flyback converters are widely used in various electronic devices and applications to efficiently convert one voltage level to another.

The primary function of a flyback transformer is to store energy in its magnetic core during the “on” state of the switching transistor (typically a MOSFET). When the switching transistor is turned off, the energy stored in the magnetic core is transferred to the secondary winding, resulting in the desired output voltage.

Here’s how a flyback transformer works in a typical flyback converter:

1. Energy Storage: During the “on” state of the switching transistor, current flows through the primary winding of the flyback transformer. The magnetic core stores energy in the form of a magnetic field.

2. Switching Off: When the switching transistor turns off, the current in the primary winding rapidly drops to zero. The magnetic field collapses, inducing a voltage in the secondary winding.

3. Voltage Transformation: The induced voltage in the secondary winding is transferred to the output rectifier circuit and output capacitor, resulting in a higher or lower voltage level depending on the turns ratio between the primary and secondary windings.

4. Isolation: One significant advantage of a flyback transformer is that it provides galvanic isolation between the input and output circuits. The primary and secondary windings are not electrically connected, enhancing safety and allowing different ground references between input and output.

Flyback transformers are commonly used in low-to-medium power applications, such as power adapters for laptops, cell phones, and other portable devices, as well as in some isolated power supplies for industrial and consumer electronics.

Block diagram:

BSC25-Z1408 pdf transformer

BSC25-Z1408 PDF Datasheet

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