BT134 Datasheet – 600V, 4A, Triac, TO-126 ( PDF )

This is one of the Triac types. This is a kind of the transistor.

Part Number: BT134

Function: 600V, 4A, Triac

Package: TO-126 type

Manufacturer: Continental Device India Limited

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BT134 transistor


Planar passivated sensitive gate four quadrant triac in a SOT82 plastic package intended for use in general purpose bidirectional switching and phase control applications.


• Compact package
• Direct interfacing to logic level ICs
• Direct interfacing to low power gate drive circuits
• High blocking voltage capability
• Low holding current for low current loads and lowest EMI at commutation
• Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
• Sensitive gate
• Triggering in all four quadrant

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Peak repetitive off-stage voltage : VDRM, VRRM = 600 V
2. On-state RMS current : IT(RMS) = 4 A (TL<66ºC)
3. NON repetitive surge peak on-state current : ITSM = 25 A (Tp=20ms, Tj=25 ºC)
4. Critical rate of rise on-state current : dI/dt (Q1-3) = 50 A/μs (ITM=20A, TG=0.2A)
5. Peak gate current : IGM = 2 A
6. Average gate power dissipation : PG(AV) = 0.5 W
7. Storage temperature range : Tstg = -40 to +150 ºC
8. Operating junction temperature range : Tj = 125 ºC


• General purpose low power motor control
• Home appliances
• Industrial process control

BT134 Datasheet

BT134 pdf


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