BUF16821 Datasheet – Programmable Gamma-Voltage Generator

Part Number : BUF16821

Function : Programmable Gamma-Voltage Generator and VCOM Calibrator / HTSSOP-28 Package

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

BUF16821 datasheet

Description :

The BUF16821 offers 16 programmable gamma channels and two programmable V COM channels.
The final gamma and V COM values can be stored in the on-chip, nonvolatile memory. To allow for programming errors or liquid crystal display (LCD) panel rework, the IC supports up to 16 write operations to the on-chip memory.

The BUF16821 has two separate memory banks, allowing simultaneous storage of two different gamma curves to facilitate switching between gamma curves.

Other data sheets within the file :

BUF16821A, BUF16821AIPWPR, BUF16821B, BUF16821BIPWPR

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