BZX97 Datasheet PDF – 500mW, Silicon Planar Zener Diode

Part Number : BZX97

Function : Silicon Planar Zener Diode

Package : DO-35 Type

Manufacturers : GOOD-ARK

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BZX97 datasheet

Description :

The Zener voltages are graded according to the international E 24 standard. Other voltage tolerances on request.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Power dissipation at Tamb=25°C : Ptot = 500 mW
2. Junction temperature : Tj = 175°C
3. Storage temperature range : Ts = -55 to +175°C
4. Thermal resistance junction to ambient Air : RthA = 0.3 K/mW
5. Forward voltage at IF=100mA : Vf = 1.0 V


Other data sheets within the file : BZX97/C10, BZX97/C11, BZX97/C12, BZX97/C13

BZX97C3V3, BZX97C5V6, BZX97C9V1, BZX97C11, BZX97C11, BZX97C18

BZX97 Datasheet PDF Download

BZX97 pdf

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