C-MH-18-790A-CM Datasheet PDF – DC Motor Controller

Part Number : C-MH-18-790A-CM

Function : DC Motor controller / No IR Module Required

Manufacturers : Electrol

Images :

C-MH-18-790A-CM datasheet


Description :

This is DC Motor controller.

Features :

1. Multiple horsepower dual voltage rating
2. 12 amperes (DC) continuous rating ( with heat sink)
3. 2% regulation of base speed
4. 50:1 speed range (constant torque)


Reference PDF : http://www.electrolco.com/files/Open%20Manual.PDF%20Below/World_Class_790A.pdf

Other data sheets within the file : CMH18790CM, CMH-18-790A-CM, C-MH-XB-790A-E

C-MH-18-790A-CM Datasheet PDF Download

C-MH-18-790A-CM pdf

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