C1237HA Datasheet – SIP 8 Pin, uPC1237HA, Protector IC – NEC

Part Number : C1237HA, uPC1237HA

Function : Protector IC for Stereo Power Amplifier

Manufactures : NEC

C1237HA protector


C1237HA is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for protecting stereo power amplifiers and loudspeakers.


C1237HA datasheet pinout


1. Work stably within power supply voltage range. ( Vcc = 25 to 60V )

2. Contain a relay driver. ( Max. 80 mA )

3. Work as either latching function or automatic resetting function by using pin 3.

4. Need only single power supply

5. AC Voltage can be detected.

C1237HA Datasheet