C2183 PDF Datasheet – Primary Sensing SMPS Controller

Part Number: C2183, C2183PX2

Function: Primary Sensing SMPS Controller for Offline Applications

Package: SOT23-6 Type

Manufacturer: Cambridge Semiconductor




The aim of this design guide is to assist the designer through the steps needed to complete a design using the C2183 power controller. The primary side sensing (PSS) controller is designed to drive an external power MOSFET switch in a Discontinuous Current Mode (DCM) quasi-resonant flyback converter. The block diagram for the IC is shown in Figure 1. A generic circuit diagram of a converter is shown in Figure 2 below. Use this document in conjunction with the C2183 datasheet, which lists the IC parametric values. The C2183 is a primary sensing switching regulator. It is intended for applications where constant voltage and current operation is required. […]


1. Advanced primary sensing control circuitry achieves accurate voltage and current (CV and CC) regulation without an opto-coupler

2. Optimised PWM/PFM with quasi resonant switching enables efficiency standards compliance with margin

3. Switching frequency dither eases design for low EMI

4. Inherently low ripple

5. Best in class load-transient performance

6. No-load power less than 100 mW


C2183 Datasheet

C2183 pdf