C32025 PDF – Digital Signal Processor Megafunction

Part Number: C32025

Function: Digital Signal Processor Megafunction

Manufacturer: Cast


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The C32025 is a 16-bit fixed-point digital signal processor core. It combines the flexibility of a high-speed controller with the numerical capability of an array processor. The C32025 has the same instruction set as the TMS320C25 and also provides the same interrupts, serial interface and timer. Developed for easy reuse with ASICs or FPGAs, the core requires under 18000 ASIC gates.


• Digital sound processing (adaptive filtering, FFT, other special sound effects) Voice recognition Telecommunications (modems, codecs) Medical equipment (diagnostics tools) Computers peripherals Various embedded data-intensive systems CAST, Inc. May 2004 Page 1 C32025 Megafunction Datasheet Features • Control Unit o o 16-bit instruction decoding Repeat instructions for efficient use of program space and enhanced execution o o 4K-words of internal ROM Internal 256-word RAM block configurable either as program or data space 64K-word external program space o • Central Arithmetic-Logic Unit o o o o 16-bit parallel shifter; 32-bit arithmetic and logical operations 16 x 16 bit parallel multiplier with a 32-bit product 32-bit accumulator with output shifter Single-cycle Multiply-andAccumulate instructions • Data Memory organization o o o 2 Internal 256-word and one 32word RAM blocks 64K-words of external data space 6 memory mapped registers • 16 Input and 16 Output channels Wait states for interfacing slower off-chip devices Multiprocessing support o o Global data memory interface Synchronization input for synchronous multiprocessor configurations • Auxiliary Registers o 8 16-bit registers for indirect addressing or temporary data storage 16-bit Auxiliary Register Arithmetic Unit including operations with reversed-carry propagation o • • Concurrent DMA using an extended Hold operation Design is strictly synchronous with positiveedge clocking and synchronous reset, no internal tri-states. […]


C32025 Datasheet