C4570HA PDF Datasheet – UPC4570HA, Dual OP AMP – NEC

This post explains for the semiconductor C4570HA.

The Part Number is C4570HA. The package is sip 9 pin Type.

The function of this semiconductor is UPC4570.

Manufacturers : NEC


C4570HA pdf op amp

Descritpion :

The µPC4570HA is an ultra low-noise, wideband high slew-rate, dual operational amplifier. Input equivalent noise is three times better than the conventional 4558 type op-amps. The gain bandwidth products and the slew-rate are seven times better than 4558.

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1. Ultra low noise : en = 4.5 nV/√Hz
2. High slew rate : 7 V/µs
3. High gain bandwidth product : GBW = 15 MHz at 100 kHz
4. Internal frequency compensation

C4570HA PDF Datasheet

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