LA78141 PDF Pinout – Vertical Deflection Output IC

Part Number: LA78141, LA78141-E

Function: Vertical Deflection Output IC

Package: ZIP 220-7H Pin Plastic Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semiconductor


LA78141 pdf pinout


This is Vertical Amplifier CRT TV Reciever. The LA78141 is an integrated circuit (IC) used in television and monitor vertical deflection circuits. It is specifically designed to drive the vertical deflection yoke coil in cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays. The vertical deflection circuit is responsible for moving the electron beam vertically across the screen, allowing the display to draw the entire image from top to bottom.



1. Vertical Output, Vertical Drive, Pump-up


Pin Connections and Fuctional Block Diagram :


1. Vertical Deflection Output: This IC is primarily an amplifier that drives the vertical deflection yoke coil. It generates the vertical deflection current required to control the vertical position of the electron beam as it scans the CRT screen.

2. Supply Voltage: It typically operates from a supply voltage in the range of 12V to 24V, which is a common voltage range in CRT-based televisions and monitors.

3. Sawtooth Waveform: The IC generates a sawtooth waveform that is used to control the vertical deflection. This waveform determines the rate at which the electron beam moves vertically on the screen.


1. Inverting Input

2. VCC

3. Pump Up Out

4. Gnd

5. Ver.Out

6. Output Stage VCC

7. Non Inv.Input


Appication :

1. BUS Supported TV Display Vertical Output

2. This IC is commonly used in older CRT-based televisions and monitors. While CRT displays have become less common in favor of LCD and LED displays, the LA78141 remains relevant in the maintenance and repair of older electronic equipment.


LA78141 PDF Datasheet

datasheet pdf

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OB6563CP Datasheet PDF – High Performance PFC Controller

Part Number: OB6563CP

Function: High Performance PFC Controller

Package: DIP or SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: On-Bright


OB6563CP datasheet



The OB6563 is an active transition-mode (TM) power factor correction (PFC) controller for AC-DC switching mode power supply applications.

OB6563 features an internal start-up timer for stand alone applications, a one quadrant multiplier with THD optimizer for near unity power factor, zero current detector (ZCD) to ensure TM operation, a current sensing comparator with built-in leading-edge blanking, and a totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET.

A high-performance PFC (Power Factor Correction) controller is a specialized integrated circuit designed to control and regulate the power factor of AC-to-DC power conversion circuits. PFC controllers are commonly used in power supplies and other electronic systems to improve energy efficiency and comply with power quality standards.

The primary function of a PFC controller is to ensure that the input current drawn by the power supply closely follows the shape of the input voltage waveform. This is achieved by actively correcting the power factor, which is the ratio of real power to apparent power. By improving the power factor, the PFC controller reduces the reactive power and minimizes harmonic distortion in the system, leading to improved efficiency and reduced stress on the power grid.


1. Transition mode operation with built-in analog multiplier

2. THD optimization

3. System open loop protection

4. Proprietary audio noise elimination

5. Dynamic and static output over voltage protection(OVP)

6. Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting

7. Burst mode control for improved efficiency at light load

8. External ENA/disable control

9. Under voltage lockout with hysteresis (UVLO)

10. Built in current sense filter, no external RC filter is needed

11. Green mode operation



1. LCD TV POWER Supply

2. Adapter

3. PC Power

4. Lighting Power

OB6563 Datasheet PDF Download

OB6563CP pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: OB6563CP

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