G4PF50W Datasheet – Vces=900V Discrete IGBT – Infineon

Part Number : G4PF50W, IRG4PF50W

Function : 900V Warp 20-100 kHz Discrete IGBT

Package : TO-247AC Type

Manufactures : Infineon ( http://www.infineon.com )




1. Optimized for use in Welding and Switch-Mode Power Supply applications
2. Industry benchmark switching losses improve efficiency of all power supply topologies
3. 50% reduction of Eoff parameter
4. Low IGBT conduction losses
5. Latest technology IGBT design offers tighter parameter distribution coupled with exceptional reliability



G4PF50W datasheet pinout



1. Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective operation and hence efficient replacement of largerdie
MOSFETs up to 100kHz

2. Of particular benefit in single-ended converters and Power Supplies 150W and higher

3. Reduction in critical Eoff parameter due to minimal minority-carrier recombination coupled with low onstate losses



G4PF50W Datasheet



DK1203 Datasheet – Power Supply Control Chip – DongKe

Part Number : DK1203

Function : Low-power off-line switching power supply control chip

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufactures : DongKe


DK1203 Power Supply Control Chip


1. Input voltage 85V to 265V full voltage range
2. Built-in 700V power tube
3. Built-in self-powered circuit (patented), no auxiliary winding power supply
4. Integrated self-starting circuit
5. Current mode PWM control
6. VCC operating voltage range of 4V to 6V
7. 65Khz switching frequency
8. Auto-enter skip cycle mode at light load
9. Over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, overload protection
10. Standby power consumption is less than 0.3W
11. Frequency jitter reduces EMI filtering cost



DK1203 datasheet pdf

1. AC / DC power adapter
2. DVD / VCD power supply
3. Air conditioning power supply
4. Induction cooker power
5. LED power supply
6. Set-top box power supply



DK1203 Datasheet