17HS2408 Datasheet PDF – 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

Part Number : 17HS2408

Function : 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

Motor Length : Size 28mm

Manufactures : MotionKing (China) Motor Industry ( www.MotionKing.com )




Description :

The 17HS2408 is 1.8 degree, 28 mm, Hybrid Stepper Motor.

Stepper motor is made up of rotor and stator winding magnet coil. A certain electric current goes through the stator winding timely, then produces a rotating magnetic field within the motor.  under the action of magnetic suction, the rotor will follow this creates a rotating magnetic field, the stator and rotor flux in each chain, produce rotary torque output.


Wiring Diagram



Ordering Information


Other data sheets within the file :

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17HS2408 Datasheet


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1N5223B Datasheet PDF – 2.7V, 500mW, Zener Diode

Part Number : 1N5223B


Package : DO-35 Type

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated.


1N5223B Zener Diode


Description :

This is 2.7V, 500mW, Diode.

This is a complete series of 500 mW Zener diodes with limits and excellent operating characteristics that reflect the superior capabilities of silicon–oxide passivated junctions. All this in an axial–lead hermetically sealed glass package that offers protection in all common environmental conditions.

Pinouts :

1N5223B datasheet

Features :

1. 500mW Power Dissipation

2. High Stability

3. Surface Mount Equivalents Available

4. Hermetic Package

Mechanical Data :

1. Leads : Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208,

2. Terminals : Finish – Sn96.5Ag3.5. Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208

3. Polarity : Cathode Band,

4. Marking : Type Number

5. Weight : 0.13 grams (approximate)


1N5223B Datasheet PDF Download

1N5223B pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 1N5221B, 1N5222B, 1N5224B, 1N5225B

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