C2625 Datasheet PDF – 400V, 10A, NPN Transistor – Fuji

This is one of the transistor types.

Part Number : C2625, 2SC2625

Function : NPN Power Transistor

Package : TO-3P type

Manufacturers : Fuji Electric

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C2625 transistor

Description :

This is 400V, 10A, NPN Transistor.

Features :

1. High voltage,High speed switching
2. High reliability

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage : Vcbo = 450 V
2. Collector to Emitter Voltage : Vceo = 400 V
3. Emitter to Base Voltage : Vebo = 7 V
4. Collector Current : Ic = 10 A
5. Total Dissipation : Pc = 80 W
6. Junction Temperature : Tj = 150°C
7. Storage Temperature : Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C

Pinouts :

C2625 datasheet



1. Switching regulators
2. Ultrasonic generators
3. High frequency inverters
4. General purpose power amplifiers

Electrical characteristics (Tc =25°C)

2SC2625 datasheet

C2625 Datasheet PDF

C2625 pdf

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F9222L Datasheet PDF – 500V, MOSFET – FuJi

Part Number : F9222L

Function : MOSFET / VDS 500V, RDS 0.9 Ohm, VCC 16.5V

Package : SIP 13 Pin Type ( H:10.2mm X W:31.0mm X T:3.5mm )

Manufacturers : Fuji Electric

Image :
F9222L image

Description :

This is 500V, MOSFET. Resonance Controller.

The structure adopts an all-silicon multi-chip configuration, Two ICs and MOSFETs (Q1, Q2) in one package I paid. The outer shape is 10 mm in height, 30 mm in width, and 3.5 mm in thickness.

Compact SIP (Single Inline Package) with thin power supply It corresponds to. Such a compact package The F9221L has 100 W output and the F9222L without heat dissipation fins. Is applicable to switching power supplies with 150 W output.

The IC developed exclusively for composite oscillation type control uses PWM control for Q1. It has a control function, a standby function, and a protection function. Special Standby mode switching function as a standby function, in standby mode Arithmetic function for burst operation, sound generated from transformer Soft start and soft end control functions are included as countermeasures.

The feature is that it is stored. Soft start, soft Details of the node control function are described in the explanation of the prototype power supply described later.


Pinouts :

F9222L pinout


F9222L datasheet

Reference Site : http://www.hqelektronika.hu/

Reference Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Re-UmG9Gc

Applications :


F9222L Datasheet PDF Download

F9222L pdf

Other data sheets within the file : F9221L, F9222