H20R1203 Datasheet PDF – 1200V, 20A, IGBT – Infineon

Part Number : H20R1203

Function : Reverse conducting IGBT with monolithic body diode

Package : TO247 Package

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

Image :

Features :

1. Powerful monolithic body diode with low forward voltage designed for soft commutation only

2. Low EMI

3. Qualified according to JESD-022 for target applications

4. Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant

5. TRENCHSTOPTM technology applications offers :
– very tight parameter distribution
– high ruggedness, temperature stable behavior
– low VCEsat
– easy parallel switching capability due to positive temperature coefficient in VCEsat


H20R1203 Datasheet

Pinouts :
H20R1203 datasheet


Applications :

1. Inductive cooking
2. Inverterized microwave ovens
3. Resonant converters
4. Soft swtiching applications

Other data sheets within the file : IHW20N120R3

H20R1203 Datasheet PDF Download

H20R1203 pdf



04N60C3 Datasheet PDF – 650V, MOSFET – Infineon

Part Number : 04N60C3, O4N60C3

Function : Cool MOS Power Transistor – 650V, 0.95 Ohm, 4.5A

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Image :04N60C3

Description :

1. New revolutionary high voltage technology
2. Ultra low gate charge
3. Peridic avalanche rated
4. Extreme dv/dt rated
5. High peak current capability
6. Improved transconductance

Pinouts :
04N60C3 datasheet

Maximum Ratings

04N60C3 Datasheet

Other data sheets within the file : SPP04N60C3, SPA04N60C3, SPB04N60C3

04N60C3 Datasheet PDF Download

SPP04N60C3 pdf

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