IR2153S Datasheet PDF – Self-Oscillating Half-Bridge Driver

Part Number : IR2153S

Function : Self-oscillating half-bridge driver

Package : TO-8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : International Rectifier

Pinouts :
IR2153S datasheet

Description :

The IR2153D(S) are an improved version of the popular IR2155 and IR2151 gate driver ICs, and incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator similar to the industry standard CMOS 555 timer.

The IR2153 provides more functionality and is easier to use than previous ICs.

Other data sheets within the file : IR2153, IR2153D

IR2153S Datasheet PDF Download

IR2153S pdf


G4PC4OUD Datasheet PDF – 600V, UltraFast IGBT – IR

Part Number : G4PC4OUD, Correct Number :  G4PC40UD, IRG4PC40UD.

Fuction : 600V, UltraFast IGBT

Package : TO-247AC Type

Manufacturer :  International Rectifier , Infineon Technologies AG

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Pinouts :
G4PC4OUD datasheet

Description :



1. UltraFast: Optimized for high operating frequencies 8-40 kHz in hard switching, >200  kHz in resonant mode
2. Generation4 IGBT design provides tighter parameter distribution and higher efficiency than Generation 3
3. IGBT co-packaged with HEXFRED ultrafast, ultra-soft-recovery anti-parallel diodes for use in bridge configurations
4. Industry standard TO-247AC package


1. Generation -4 IGBT’s offer highest efficiencies available
2. IGBT’s optimized for specific application conditions
3. HEXFRED diodes optimized for performance with IGBT’s . Minimized recovery characteristics require less/no snubbing

G4PC4OUD Datasheet PDF Download

G4PC40UD pdf

Other data sheets within the file : IRG4PC4OUD