C1093 Datasheet PDF – Shunt Regulator – NEC

Part Number : C1093


Manufacturers : NEC => Renesas Technology

Pinouts :
C1093 image

Description :

The µPC1093 are adjustable precision shunt regulators with guaranteed thermal stability.

The output voltage can be set to any value between reference voltage (2.495 V) and 36 V by two external resistors.

These ICs can apply to error amplifier of switching regulators.

C1093 Datasheet


1. High Accuracy
2. Low Temperature Coefficient
3. Adjustable Output Voltage by two External Resistors
4. Low Dynamic Impedance


Ordering Information

µPC1093J 3-pin plastic SIP (TO-92)
µPC1093G 8-pin plastic SOP (225 mil)
µPC1093T Power mini mold (SOT-89)
µPC1093TA 5-pin plastic mini mold (SC-74A)

Other data sheets within the file : 2SC1093, C1093G, C1093J, C1093T

C1093 Datasheet PDF

C1093 pdf

4585M Datasheet PDF – Dual Audio Operational Amplifier

Part Number : 4585M

Function : Low Noise, Bipolar Input Dual, Audio Operational amplifier

Package : DMP8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : NJRC,  NEC

Pinouts :
4585M datasheet

Description :

NJM4585 is a low noise bipolar input dual audio operational amplifier featuring 3.5nV/√Hz at 1 kHz. The NJM4585 features Low distortion, high slew rate, wide bandwidth and high open-loop gain.  In  addition, unity-gain stable allows voltage-follower operation.

These features make NJM4585 ideal for audio preamplifier, microphone amplifier, line amplifier and  other audio applications.  NJM4585 operate over a wide temperature range of  -40°C to +125°C,  making  this  IC ideal for use in industrial measurement instruments.

The NJM4585 is available in the 8-pin DMP8 packages.



1. Professional Audio sets
2. Audio pre/microphone amplifiers
3. Analog/Digital mixer
4. AV Receiver
5. Car Audio
6. Industrial Measurement Instruments

Other data sheets within the file : NJM4585M

4585M Datasheet PDF Download

4585M pdf