BC547 Datasheet PDF – 45 V, 100 mA, NPN Transistor – NXP

Part Number : BC547

Function : 45 V, 100 mA, NPN General-Purpose Transistor

Package : SOT54, SC-43A, TO-92 Type

Manufacturers : Philips, NXP Semiconductors.


BC547 datasheet transistor


NPN general-purpose transistors in small plastic packages.


1. Low current
2. Low voltage
3. Three different gain selections


BC547 pinout

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage : Vcbo = 50 V
2. Collector to Emitter Voltage : Vceo = 45 V
3. Emitter to Base Voltage : Vebo = 6 V
4. Collector Current : Ic = 100 mA
5. Total Power Dissipation : Ptot = 500 mW
6. Junction Temperature : Tj = 150°C
7. Storage Temperatue : Tsg = -65 ~ +150°C


1. General-purpose switching and amplification

BC547 Datasheet
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BC547 Datasheet PDF

BC847 pdf

PCA9548APW Datasheet PDF – 8-Channel I2C-Bus Switch

Part Number : PCA9548APW

Function : 8-channel I2C-bus switch with reset

Package : SO, TSSOP, HVQFN 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
PCA9548APW datasheet

Description :

The PCA9548A is an octal bidirectional translating switch controlled via the I2C-bus. The SCL/SDA upstream pair fans out to eight downstream pairs, or channels. Any individual SCx/SDx channel or combination of channels can be selected, determined by the contents of the programmable control register.


1. 1-of-8 bidirectional translating switches
2. I2C-bus interface logic; compatible with SMBus standards
3. Active LOW reset input
4. Three address pins allowing up to eight devices on the I2C-bus
5. Channel selection via I2C-bus, in any combination
6. Power-up with all switch channels deselected

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PCA9548APW Datasheet PDF Download

PCA9548APW pdf