AN5637 Datasheet – SECAM Decoder IC – Panasonic

Part Number : AN5637

Function : SECAM Decoder IC

Package : DIP 16 Pin type

Manufacturers : Panasonic Corporation

Image and Pinouts :

AN5637 datasheet


Description :

The AN5637 is a Chroma signal processing circuit for use in SECAM system. It outputs the color difference signal.

Features :

• Built-in bell filter, deemphasis circuit
• One point adjustment
• Small number of external components

Applications :

• SECAM system TV

Pin Descriptions :

1. Reference frequency signal/Ident input pin

2. Bell filter output monitor pin

3. Power supply pin

4. Black level adjustment voltage input pin

5. Black level adjustment reference voltage output pin

6. Grounding pin

7. Bell filter automatic adjustment sample hold pin [ … ]


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AN5637 Datasheet PDF Download

AN5637 pdf

ATQ209SA Datasheet PDF – DC 5V, Relay – Panasonic

Part Number : ATQ209SA

Function : TQ Series Relay, Single side stable,PCB, SMD

Manufacturers : Panasonic Corporation

Image :

ATQ209SA Image


Description :

Item Specifications
Product Name TQ Relays
Product Number TQ2SA-5V
Part Number ATQ209SA
Features Ultra low profile: 5.8mm (0.228inch). Surge withstand: 2,500V. 3 types of surfacemount terminal available.
Protective construction Sealed
Terminal shape PCB, SMD
Coil voltage(V DC) 5
Nominal Operating Power 140mW
Pick-up voltage 3.75V DC
Drop-out voltage 0.5V DC
Nominal switching capacity (resistive load) 0.5A AC/2A DC,125V AC/30V DC
Min. switching capacity 10microA 10mV DC
Contact arrangement 2 Form C
Type of operation BBM
Contact material AgNi(Au clad)
Max.switching current 2A
Mechanical life
Electrical life 1×10^5
Breakdown voltage
Breakdown voltage
Ambient temperature -40deg to +85deg
Operating function Single side stable
Packing style STICK
Surface-mount terminal type SA type
Surge breakdown voltage
(Between contacts and coil)

ATQ209SA Datasheet Informations

ATQ209SA datasheet

ATQ209SA Datasheet
ATQ209SA pdf

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