70S360P7 Datasheet – 700V, MOSFET (Transistor)

This is one of the MOSFET types. This is a kind of the transistor.

Part Number : 70S360P7, IPD70R360P7S

Function : 700V, MOSFET (Transistor)

Package : DPak Type

Manufactures : Infineon

70S360P7 datasheet mosfet

Description :

CoolMOS™ is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs, designed according to the superjunction (SJ) principle and pioneered by Infineon Technologies.

The latest CoolMOS™ P7 is an optimized platform tailored to target cost sensitive applications in consumer markets such as charger, adapter, lighting, TV, etc.

The new series provides all the benefits of a fast switching Superjunction MOSFET, combined with an excellent price/performance ratio and state of the art ease-of-use level. The technology meets highest efficiency standards and supports high power density, enabling customers going towards very slim designs.


• Extremely low losses due to very low FOM RDS(on)*Qg and RDS(on)*Eoss
• Excellent thermal behavior
• Integrated ESD protection diode
• Low switching losses (Eoss)
• Product validation acc. JEDEC Standard


70S360P7 pinout transistor


• Cost competitive technology
• Lower temperature
• High ESD ruggedness
• Enables efficiency gains at higher switching frequencies
• Enables high power density designs and small form factors


70S360P7 Datasheet

70S360P7 pdf


IRF1010 Datasheet – 60V, 84A, N-ch, MOSFET (Transistor)

This is one of the MOSFET types. This is a kind of the transistor.

Part Number : IRF1010, IRF1010E

Function : 60V, 84A, MOSFET (Transistor)

Package : TO-220AB Type

Manufactures : IRF, Nell Semiconductor

IRF1010 datasheet mosfet

Description :

Advanced HEXFET® Power MOSFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. This benefit, combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET power MOSFETs are well known for, provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications.


1. Advanced Process Technology
2. Ultra Low On-Resistance
3. Dynamic dv/dt Rating
4. 175°C Operating Temperature
5. Fast Switching
6. Fully Avalanche Rated


IRF1010 pinout transistor

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Drain to source voltage : VDSS = 60 V
2. Drain to Gate voltage : VDGR = 60 V
3. Gate to Source voltage : VGS = ± 20 V
4. Drain current : ID = 84 A
5. Drain power dissipation : PD = 140 W
6. Single pulse avalanche energy : Eas = 99 mJ
7. Avalanche curren : Iar = 51 A
8. Channel temperature : Tch = 175 °C
9. Storage temperature : Tstg = -55 to +175 °C



IRF1010 Datasheet

IRF1010 pdf