A928 Datasheet PDF – Vceo=30V, 2A, TO-92B, PNP Transistor

Part Number : A928, 2SA928

Function : 30V, 2A, PNP Silicon Transistor

Package : TO-92B Type

Manufactures : Micro Electronics




The A928 is PNP silicon planar transistor designed for audio power amplifier.





Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector-Base Voltage : Vcbo = 30V

2. Collcetor-Emitter Voltage : Vceo = 30V

3. Emitter-Base Voltage : Vebo = 5V

4. Collector Current : Ic = 2A

5. Continuous Power Dissipation : Pd = 1W


A928 Datasheet


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SPHE8202A PDF – DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Part Number : SPHE8202A

Function : DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Package : LQFP 216 Pin Type

Manufactures : Sunplus Technology

Images :

SPHE8202A pinout datasheet

Description :

SPHE8200A A/V decoder is a single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder. It performs real-time decoding and playback of ISO/IEC 11172 MPEG1 and 13818 MPEG2 stream for multiple bitstream sources.

SPHE8200 is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost. For typical DVD application it integrates DVD/CD servo controller, multi-channel multi-format TV-encoder and audio quality ADC, with high quality 5.1ch Audio, or low cost 2-ch AC3 system.

Features :

1. Single Chip Integrated DVD Servo and A/V Decoder

2. Integrated DVD/CD Servo Controller
(1) Support 1x ~ 2x DVD format reading
(2) Support 1x ~ 16x CD format reading

3. Embedded 32-bit RISC Processor without external host controller

4. Embedded Audio Processor supports multiple audio standards

5. Embedded I/O processor supports programmable interface control

6. Embedded TV encoder with multi-channel built-in high-speed video DAC supports various display standards

7. Embedded audio ADC supports stereo analog audio input

8. Built-in system PLL and audio PLL generate all clock sources required from single 27MHz input

[ … ]


SPHE8202A Datasheet