1N4148 Datasheet PDF – 500mW, 100V, Switching Diode

Part Number : 1N4148

Function : 500mW High Speed Switching Diode 100 Volt

Package : DO-35 type

Manufacturers : Micro Commercial Components

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1N4148 datasheet

Description :

High-speed diodes FEATURES • Hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) package • High switching speed: max. 4 ns • General application • Continuous reverse voltage: max. 75 V • Repetitive peak reverse voltage: max. 75 V • Repetitive peak forward current: max. 450 mA. The diodes are type branded. handbook, halfpage k 1N4148; 1N4448 DESCRIPTION The 1N4148 and 1N4448 are high-speed switching diodes fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) packages. a MAM246 APPLICATIONS • High-speed switching. Fig.1 Simplified outline (SOD27; DO-35) and symbol. LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). SYMBOL VRRM VR IF IFRM IFSM PARAMETER repetitive peak reverse voltage continuous reverse voltage continuous forward current repetitive peak forward current non-repetitive peak forward current square wave; Tj = 25 °C prior to surge; see Fig.4 t = 1 µs t = 1 ms t=1s Ptot Tstg Tj Note 1. Device mounted on an FR4 printed circuit-board; lead length 10 mm. total power dissipation storage temperature junction temperature Tamb = 25 °C; note 1 − − − − −65 − 4 1 0.5 500 +200 200 A A A mW °C °C see Fig.2; note 1 CONDITIONS − − − − MIN. MAX. 75 75 200 450 V V mA mA UNIT 1999 May 25 2 Philips Semiconductors Product specification High-speed diodes


•  High Reliability
•  Low Current Leakage
•  Metalurgically Bonded Construction
•  Marking : Cathode band and type number
•   Lead Free Finish/Rohs Compliant
•  Moisture Sensitivity Level 1

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1N4148 pdf

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74LS670 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : 74LS670


Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

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74LS670 datasheet

Description :

The TTL/MSI SN74LS670 is a high-speed, low-power 4 x 4 Register File organized as four words by four bits. Separate read and write inputs, both address and enable, allow simultaneous read and write operation.

The 3-state outputs make it possible to connect up to 128 outputs to increase the word capacity up to 512 words. Any number of these devices can be operated in parallel to generate an n-bit length.

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74LS670 pdf

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