What is 2SD718? – 120V, 8A, NPN Transistor – Toshiba

What is 2SD718?

This is a type of 120V, 8A, NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) that is commonly used in electronic circuits for power amplification applications.

Part Number: 2SD718

Function: NPN bipolar junction transistor

Package: TO-3P Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


2SD718 datasheet


Description :

This is 120V, 8A, NPN Transistor. The 2SD718 is a powerful transistor that can be used in a wide range of electronic circuits for power amplification applications. Its high power and voltage handling capabilities, as well as its high gain, make it suitable for use in high-power audio amplifiers, power supplies, and motor control circuits.


2SD718 pinouts


1. NPN bipolar junction transistor
2. Maximum collector current of 8A
3. Maximum collector-base voltage of 120V
4. Maximum collector-emitter voltage of 120V

Advantages Vs Disadvantages


1. High power handling capabilities:

Maximum collector current of 8A, making it suitable for use in circuits that require high power handling capabilities.

2. High voltage handling capabilities: The transistor has a maximum collector-base voltage and a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 120V, making it suitable for use in circuits that require high voltage handling capabilities.

3. High gain: The transistor has a high current gain, which makes it suitable for use in power amplification applications.


1. Slow switching speed: Slow switching speed, which limits its use in applications that require fast switching.

3. High output capacitance: The transistor has a high output capacitance, which may limit its use in applications that require high-frequency response.

2SD718 Datasheet

2SD718 pdf


MMBT2222A Datasheet – NPN Switching Transistor – Philips

This is NPN Transistor with 600mA, 40V, SOT-23 Type.

Part Number: MMBT2222A, Marking Code : 7C*

Function: NPN Switching Transistor

Package: SOT-23 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( https://www.nxp.com/ )

Philips Electronics spun off its division into a separate company called NXP Semiconductors in 2006, making it an independent, publicly traded company.

Image and Pinouts:

MMBT2222A datasheet

What is MMBT2222A?

This is a surface mount version of the popular 2N2222A bipolar junction transistor (BJT). Like the 2N2222A, the MMBT2222A is an NPN type transistor that is commonly used in electronic circuits for amplification, switching, and other applications.

This is NPN switching transistor in a SOT23 plastic package. PNP complement: PMBT2907A.


1. High current (max. 600 mA)
2. Low voltage (max. 40 V).
3. Good gain characteristics
4. Fast switching speeds
5. Reliable performance

Advantages vs Disadvantages


1. Small size and surface mount package make it suitable for compact electronic designs where space is limited

2. Good gain characteristics and fast switching speeds make it suitable for a wide range of electronic applications


1. Limited voltage and current ratings compared to other transistors, which makes it unsuitable for high-power applications

2. May require additional components such as resistors and capacitors to achieve desired performance


Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. collector-base voltage open emitter : VCBO = 75 V
2. collector-emitter voltage open base :VCEO = 40 V
3. emitter-base voltage open collector : VEBO = 6 V
4. collector current (DC) : IC = 600 mA
5. peak collector current : ICM = 800 mA
6. peak base current :IBM = 200 mA
7. total power dissipation : Ptot = 250 mW


1. Switching and linear amplification.


Q: What is the difference with 2N2222A?

A: The MMBT2222A is a surface mount version of the 2N2222A, with a slightly lower voltage and current rating. They have similar features and characteristics but differ in their packaging.

Q: What is the maximum frequency at which this transistor can operate?

A: The MMBT2222A has a maximum frequency rating of 300 MHz, which is the same as the 2N2222A.

Other data sheets are available within the file: MMBT2222

MMBT2222A Datasheet PDF Download

MMBT2222A pdf