TAS5733 PDF – Digital Input Audio Power Amplifier, 48 Pin

Part Number : TAS5733, TAS5733L

Function : Audio Power Amplifier with EQ and 3-Band AGL (Rev. A)

Package : HTSSOP 48 Pin Type

Manufactures : Texas Instruments ( https://www.ti.com/ )

Images :

TAS5733 datasheet

Description :

The TAS5733 device is an efficient, digital-input audio amplifier for driving stereo speakers configured as a bridge tied load (BTL). In parallel bridge tied load (PBTL) in can produce higher power by driving the parallel outputs into a single lower impedance load. One serial data input allows processing of up to two discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors and MPEG decoders. The device accepts a wide range of input data and data rates. A fully programmable data path routes these channels to the internal speaker drivers.


Pinouts :

TAS5733 pinouts

Features :

1. 104-dB SNR, A-Weighted, Referenced to Full Scale (0 dB)

2. I²C Serial Control Interface w/ two Addresses

3. Thermal, Short-Circuit, and Undervoltage Protection

4. Up to 90% Efficient

5. AD, BD, and Ternary Modulation

6. PWM Level Meter


TAS5733 Datasheet

TAS5733 pdf

HT3582DA PDF Datasheet – Universal Charger Control Chip

Part Number : HT3582DA

Function : Universal Charger Control Chip

Package : DIP 8 Pin type

Manufactures : Hotchip

Images :

HT3582DA datasheet pdf
Pinouts :

No. Name Description
1 BTN Battery Negative
2 L3 Pilot Lamp L3 Pin
3 L2 Pilot Lamp L2 Pin
4 L1 Pilot Lamp L1 Pin
5 SW Function Selection (pick VDD for 3 Lights and 2 Lamp mode, then GND for the colorful mode)
6 GND Negative Power Supply (ground)
7 BTP Battery Cathode
8 VDD The Positive Power Supply

Description :

HT3582DA is an internal reference voltage control chip universal charger, with automatic recognition of the battery polarity, short circuit protection, over-temperature Protection.

Features :

• Internal reference source, the regulator output load, no load voltage adjustment peripheral components

• Normal mode supports three lights and two lamp mode, colorful lights mode

• Maximum charge current: 300mA

• Support for 0V Rechargeable battery (positive battery connection)

• The battery is fully switched to constant voltage charging mode, the battery can be charged more full

• Automatic identification battery polarity

• Short circuit protection

• Over temperature protection

• Highly integrated, low parts […]

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HT3582DA Datasheet