ICR18650-26F Datasheet – 2600mAh, Cell – Samsung

Part Number : ICR18650-26F

Function : Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell, 2600mAh

Outline Dimensions : Max 18.4 mm x Max 65.0 mm

Manufactures : Samsung


ICR18650-26F Rechargeable Cell


This product ICR18650-26F specification has been prepared to specify the rechargeable lithium-ion cell (‘cell’) to be supplied to the customer by Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.

Nominal Specifications

1. Nominal Capacity : 2600mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)

2. Minimum Capacity : 2550mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)

3. Charging Voltage : 4.2V

4. Nominal Voltage : 3.7V

5. Cell Dimension : ( Height : 65.00mm, Diameter : 18.40mm max )

6. Charging Current : Standard charge : 1300mA, Rapid charge : 2600mA

7. Charging Time : Standard charge : 3hours, Rapid charge : 2.5hours

8. Max. Charge Current : 2600mA

9. Max. Discharge Current : 5200mA

10. Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 2.75V

11. Cell Weight : 47.0g max


Outline Dimensions

ICR18650-26F datasheet Outline Dimensions

Storage for a long time

If the cell is kept for a long time(3months or more), It is strongly recommended
that the cell is preserved at dry and low-temperature.

ICR18650-26F Datasheet


K6X4008C1F Datasheet – CMOS SRAM K6X4008CIF – Samsung

Part Number : K6X4008C1F, K6X4008CIF

Function : 512Kx8 bit Low Power full CMOS Static RAM

Package : 32-DIP-600, 32-SOP-525, 32-TSOP2-400F/R

Manufactures : Samsung

Image :

K6X4008C1F Image
Description :

The K6X4008C1F families are fabricated by SAMSUNGs advanced full CMOS process technology. The families supports various operating temperature range and various package types for user flexibility of system design. The families also support low data retention voltage for battery backup operation with low data retention current.

· Process Technology: Full CMOS
· Organization: 512Kx8
· Power Supply Voltage: 4.5~5.5V
· Low Data Retention Voltage: 2V(Min)
· Three state output and TTL compatible

Pinout and Block Diagram

K6X4008C1F Datasheet

K6X4008C1F Datasheet


Other Part Number : K6X4008C1F-B, K6X4008C1F-F, K6X4008C1F-Q