SPHE8281D Datasheet – DVD Single Chip Processor

Partnumber : SPHE8281D

Function : DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Package : LQFP 216 Pin ( 24 x 24 mm2 )

Manufacturers: Sunplus Confidential


SPHE8281D datasheet dvd processor



SPHE8281D A/V decoder is a single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder. It is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost. It integrates DVD/CD controller, host processor, A/V decoding hardware, audio quality DAC and a 6-channel multi-format TV-encoder. SPHE8281D supports DVD and CD physical formats. For logical formats it supports DVD-Video, Super Video CD, Video CD, CD-DA, OKO, and CD-ROM discs.



SPHE8281D pinout


1. Single Chip Integrated DVD Servo and A/V Decoder
2. Integrated DVD/CD Servo Controller
(1) Support 1x ~ 2x DVD format reading
(2) Support 1x ~ 8x CD format reading
3. Embedded 32-bit RISC Processor without external host controller
4. Embedded Audio Processor supports multiple audio standards
5. Embedded 8-bit I/O processor supports programmable interface control
6. Embedded TV encoder with multi-channel built-in high-speed video DAC supports various display standards
7. Embedded 2-channel 24-bit audio DAC
8. Built-in system PLL and audio PLL generate all clock sources required from single 27MHz crystal input


SPHE8281D Datasheet

SSC1S311 Datasheet – Monolithic IC for Switching Regulator – Sanken

Partnumber : SSC1S311

Package : SOP 8 Pin Monolithic IC

Manufacturers: Sanken Electroinc.


SSC1S311 datasheet ic


1. Scope
The present specifications shall apply to a monolithic IC type SSC1S311 for Switching regulators.

2. Outline
(1) Type : Monolithic IC
(2) Structure : Plastic mold package (Transfer mold)
(3) Applications : Switching regulators

SSC1S311 pinout sanken

IC marking SC1S311

3. Absolute maximum ratings
4. Electrical characteristics
5. Block diagram
6. Example application circuit
7. Package outline
8. Packing specifications
9. Cautions and warnings


SMD 8 Pin Package ( Drvie FET )

Datasheet PDF :  [ SC1S311.PDF, SSC1S311.PDF ]