STRF6454 Datasheet, STRF-6454 PDF – Sanken

Part Number : STR-F6454

Function : Hybrid IC, INTEGRATED SWITCHER ( Power MOSFET and a controller IC )

Package : Zip 5 Pin

Manufacturers : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Image :

STRF6454, STR-F6454 Image

Description :

The STRF6454 is a hybrid IC consists from power MOSFET and a controller IC, designed for Quasi-Resonant (including low frequency PRC) fly-back converter type SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) applications. This IC realizes high efficiency, low noise, downsizing and standardizing of a power supply system reducing external components count and simplifying the circuit designs. (Note). PRC is abbreviation of “Pulse Ratio Control” (On-width control with fixed OFF-time).

Features :

• Oscillator is provided on the monolithic control with adopting On-ChipTrimming technology.

• Small temperature characteristics variation by adopting a comparator to compensate for temperature on the control part.

• Low start-up circuit current (100uA max)

• Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation in case of light load

Block Diagram :

STRF6454 Datasheet, STRF-6454 PDF

Pin No. Symbol Description Function
Input of overcurrent detection

1. OCP/FB : Overcurrent / Feedback Pin
2. S : Source Pin MOSFET source
3. D : Drain Pin MOSFET drain
4. Vin : Power supply Pin Input of power supply for control circuit
5. GND : Ground Pin Ground

STRF6454 Pinouts


STRF6454 Datasheet PDF (STR-F6454)

STR-F6454 = IRIS-F6454R



SC1S311 Datasheet PDF – SSC1S311 – Sanken

0. Part Number : SSC1S311, Sanken Electroinc.

1. Scope
The present specifications shall apply to a monolithic IC type SSC1S311 for Switching regulators.

2. Outline
(1) Type : Monolithic IC
(2) Structure : Plastic mold package (Transfer mold)
(3) Applications : Switching regulators

SSC1S311 is marking SC1S311

SC1S311 Image
3. Absolute maximum ratings
4. Electrical characteristics
5. Block diagram :
SSC1S311 Block Diagram
6. Example application circuit
7. Package outline
8. Packing specifications
9. Cautions and warnings

Marking Code :

SC1S311 SOP8

Package : SMD 8 Pin

( Drvie FET )

Application Circuits :


Datasheet PDF :  [ SC1S311.PDF, SSC1S311.PDF ]

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