XPT4890 Datasheet – Audio Power Amplifier – XPT

Part Number : XPT4890, XPT4890SO

Function : Audio Power Amplifier

Package : MSOP, SOP 8 Pin

Manufacturers : XPT ( www.xptek.cn, www.xptek.com.cn )


XPT4890 datasheet amplifier

The XPT4890 is an audio power amplifier for mobile phones and portable communication devices. At 5V operating voltage, the maximum drive power is 1.1W (8 Ohm BTL load), and the total harmonic distortion noise in the audio range is less than 1% (20Hz~20KHz).

The XPT4890’s application circuit is simple and requires only a few peripherals. The XPT4890 output does not require an external coupling capacitor or a lifting capacitor. It is packaged in MSOP and CSP to save circuit area. It is ideal for low-voltage, low-power applications such as mobile phones and various mobile devices.

The XPT4890 eliminates the effects of power-up and power-down with innovative “switching/switching noise” suppression technology.

The XPT4890 is stable, has a gain-bandwidth product of up to 2.5MHz, and is stable with unity gain. The amplifier’s voltage gain can be adjusted by configuring the peripheral resistor for ease of use.

Block Diagram

XPT4890 block diagram

1. High supply voltage rejection ratio (PSRR), 70dB at 217Hz and 1KHz
2. Low noise and harmonic distortion (THD+N), less than 1% (5V working voltage, output power is 1.1W)
3. Capable of driving capacitive loads up to 500pF
4. Power-down mode leakage current is small, less than 0.1uA
5. Small package, saving circuit area: MSOP, SOP
6. Power-on, power-down noise suppression
7. Wide operating voltage range 2.0V-5.5V
8. No need to drive the output coupling capacitor
9. Unity gain is stable
10. User selectable high and low control sleep mode


XPT4890 pinout

1. Mobile phone (mobile phone, etc.)
2. Personal mobile terminal PDA
3. Mobile electronic devices
4. Consumer Electronics (MP3/MP4/DFP/Protable DVD)

XPT4890 Datasheet


LV47002P Datasheet – 4-Ch BTL Power Amplifier – Sanyo

Part Number : LV47002P

Function : 4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier

Package : HZIP25 Type

Manufacturers : Sanyo

LV47002P datasheet amplifier


The LV47002P is the IC for 4-channel BTL power amplifier that is developed for car audio system. Pch DMOS in the upper side of the outputstage and Nch DMOS in the lower side of the output stage are complimentary. High power and high quality sound are realized by that. This IC incorporate various functions (standby switch, muting function, and various protection circuit) necessary for car audio system. Also, it has a self-diagnosis function.


LV47002P pinout


1. High output :
POmax = 48W (typical) (VCC= 15.2V, f = 1kHz, JEITA max, RL= 4Ω)
POmax = 28W (typical) (VCC= 14.4V, f = 1kHz, THD = 10%, RL= 4Ω)
POmax = 21W (typical) (VCC= 14.4V, f = 1kHz, THD = 1%, RL= 4Ω)

2. Built-in muting function (pin 22)

3. Built-in Standby switch (pin 4)

4. Built-in Self-diagnosis function (pin 25) :
Signal output in case of output offset detection, shorting to VCC, shorting to ground, and load shorting.

5. Electric mirror noise decrease

6. Built-in various protection circuit (shorting to ground, shorting to VCC, load shorting, over voltage and thermal shut down)

7. No external anti-oscillation part necessary.

LV47002P Datasheet