MCZ3001D Datasheet – Pulse Width Modulated Control

Part Number : MCZ3001D

Function : Pulse Width Modulated Control Circuit

Package : DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Shindengen


MCZ3001D Image

MCZ3001D Circuit



MCZ3001D pinout, MCZ3001D datasheet


MCZ3001D Datasheet PDF

MCZ3001D pdf


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C4237 Datasheet – 10A, NPN Transistor – Shindengen

This post explains for the semiconductor C4237.

The Part Number is C4237.

The function of this semiconductor is 2SC4237.

Manufacturers : Shindengen Electric

Preview images :

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C4237 image

Description :

SHINDENGEN Switching Power Transistor HFX Series (T10W80HFX) 10A NPN 2SC4237 OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : MTO-3P Unit : mm RATINGS ●Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Collector to Base Voltage Collector to Emitter Voltage Emitter to Base Voltage Collector Current DC Collector Current Peak Base Current DC Base Current Peak Total Transistor Dissipation Mounting Torque Symbol Tstg Tj VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICP IB IBP PT TOR Conditions Tc = 25℃ (Recommended torque : 0.5N・m) Ratings -55~150 150 1200 800 7 10 20 4 8 150 0.8 Ratings Min 800 Max 0.1 Max 0.1 Max 0.1 Min 8 Min 5 Max 1.0 Max 1.5 Max 0.83 TYP 8 Max 0.5 Max 3.5 Max 0.3 Unit ℃ ℃ V V V A A W N・m ●Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25℃) Item Symbol Collector to Emitter Sustaining Voltage VCEO(sus) Collector Cutoff Current ICBO ICEO Emitter Cutoff Current IEBO DC Current Gain hFE hFEL Collector to Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(sat) Base to Emitter Saturation Volt […]

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C4237 Datasheet