CXD9841 Datasheet PDF – Switching Voltage Regulator – SONY

Part Number : CXD9841

Function : Power IC, Switching Voltage Regulator Power IC

Package :  DIP 18 Pin Type


Image :
CXD9841 datasheet, CXD9841P Image

Description :

It is equivalent Shindengen MCZ3001DB

Pinout :

CXD9841P Pinout

MCZ3001D Datasheet, Pinout

Other data sheets within the file : CXD9841P

CXD9841 Datasheet Reference

Reference site :

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2SK82 Datasheet – Static Induction Transistor ( V-FET ) – Sony

Part Number : 2SK82, KF-33

Function : Static Induction Transistor

Pakcage : TO-3 Type


Image :
2SK82 image sony

Description  : V-FET DC Power Amplifier

Pinout :

2SK82 Datasheet

2SK82 Datasheet

2SK82 Circuit

2SK82 pdf

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