TPD4113AK Datasheet – DC brush less motor driver – Toshiba

Part Number : TPD4113AK

Function : DC brush less motor driver

Package : 23-pin HZIP

Manufacturers : Toshiba


TPD4113AK datasheet


The TPD4113AK is a DC brush less motor driver using high voltage PWM control. It is fabricated by high voltage SOI process. It contains level shift high-side driver, low-side driver, IGBT outputs, FRDs and protective functions for under voltage protection circuits and thermal shutdown circuit. It is easy to control a DC brush less motor by just putting logic inputs from a MPU or motor controller to the TPD4113AK.


Pinouts :
TPD4113AK pinout


· Bootstrap circuit gives simple high side power supply.
· Bootstrap diodes are built in.
· A dead time can be set as a minimum of 1.4 μs, and it is the best for a Sine-wave from drive.
· 3-phase bridge output using IGBTs.
· FRDs are built in.
· Included under voltage protection and thermal shutdown.
· The regulator of 7V (typ.) is built in.

This product has a MOS structure and is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. When handling this product, ensure that the environment is protected against electrostatic discharge.


TPD4113AK Datasheet PDF



TB2924AFG Datasheet – 20W x 2ch Power Amplifier IC – Toshiba

Part Number : TB2924AFG

Function : Class D, 20 W × 2-channel (BTL) Low-Frequency Power Amplifier IC

Package : HSOP36-P-450-0.65

Manufacturers : Toshiba


TB2924AFG datasheet


The TB2924AFG is an audio output IC that employs the highly efficient class D method, developed for TV and home audio applications. The TB2924AFG eliminates the need for heatsink(Note), thus allowing the design of an end product with a small footprint. It also incorporates a range of features, such as standby and muting, as well as different protective circuits.


Pinouts :

TB2924AFG pinout


• High efficiency: When output is 10 W η = 88% (VCC = 15 V, RL = 8 Ω)
• Distortion: 0.1% (1 W output, f = 1 kHz)
• Gain: 34dB (typ.)
• Small flat package: HSOP36-P-450-0.65
• Muting/standby features
• Thermal AGC features
• Master and slave oscillation frequencies
• Oscillation frequency: fsw = 200 kHz (typ.)
• Operating supply voltage range (4 Ω): VCC (opr)
• Protective circuits: thermal shutdown, short-circuit protection (load). These protection functions are intended to avoid some output short circuits or other abnormal conditions temporarily.
• Install the product correctly. Otherwise, it may result in break down, damage and/or degradation to the product or equipment.


TB2924AFG Datasheet PDF