IC741 Datasheet PDF – Operational Amplifier

Part Number : IC741

Function : Operational Amplifier

Package : 8Pin Dip, sop Type

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Images :
IC741 datasheet

Pinout :

The term operational amplier or “op-amp” refers to a class of high-gain DC coupled ampliers with two inputs and a single output. The modern integrated circuit version is typi ed by the famous 741 op-amp. Some of the general characteristics of the IC version are :

– High gain, on the order of a million
– High input imp edance, lo w output imp edance
– Used with split supply , usually +/- 15V
– Used with feedback, with gain determined by the feedback network.


Block Diagram

The operational ampli er (op-amp) was designed to perform mathematical operations. Although
now superseded by the digital computer, op-amps are a common feature of modern analog electronics.
The op-amp is constructed from several transistor stages, which commonly include a di erentialinput
stage, an intermediate-gain stage and a push-pull output stage. The di erential ampli er
consists of a matched pair of bipolar transistors or FETs. The push-pull ampli er transmits a large
current to the load and hence has a small output impedance.

Other data sheets within the file : LM741

IC741 Datasheet PDF Download

IC741 pdf

CD3699GP Datasheet PDF – CD3699, Sound Processor – Semico

Part Number : CD3699GP

Function : Echo / Surround Sound Processor circuit

Package : DIP 16, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Semico

Image :


Description :

CD3699 is an echo / surround sound processor circuit applied to an echo sound effects and surround sound audio processing equipment.

Limit parameter :

1. Extreme working voltage : -0.3 ~ 6V
2. Working temperature : -25 ~ 70°C
3. Extreme power consumption : 1.7W
4. Storage temperature : -40 ~ 125°C


CD3699GP Circuit Pinout


1. low distortion
2. high signal to noise ratio
3. Simple peripheral lines
4. Auto reset function
5. Echo delay time can be easily adjusted
6. You can select the echo mode. Main tone Echo output together or surround sound mode Only echo output


CD3699GP Datasheet

Other data sheets within the file : CD3699

CD3699GP Datasheet PDF Download

CD3699GP pdf

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