CC-5461AS PDF – 0.56 Inch (14.2mm), 4 DIGIT Segment

Part Number : CC-5461AS, CC5461AS, 5461AS

Function : 0.56 Inch (14.2mm) Four Digit Segment

Manufactures : TOPLIGHT

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SPECIFICATIONS MODEL: TOPLIGHT CC-5461AS TO P SHANGHAI TOPLIGHT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. L Free Datasheet http:// IG H T FOR TOPLIGHT 0.56 INCH (14.2mm) FOUR DIGIT TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CC-5461AS 1/7 PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Features ※ 0.56 inch (14.2mm) digit height. ※ Low power requirement, solid state reliability. ※ Multicolor available, stackable horizontally. ※ Categorized for luminous intensity. ※ Easy mounting on P.C. boards. ※ Remain within RoHS compliant version. Description ※ The TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS is a 0.56 inch (14.2mm) TO P ※ ※ ※ ※ Digital readout display Instrument pancls Elevator Audio epuipment PART NO. TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS APPLICATION L SIZE digit height four digit numeric display. ※ This device is made with white segments and black surface. IG CHIP EMITTED COLOR FACE COLOR Super Red Black 0.56 inch (14.2mm) digit height TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS H Revision issued in 2012. Free Datasheet http:// T TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CC-5461AS 2/7 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS DIG.1 DIG.2 DIG.3 DIG.4 A F E D G B C TOP LIGHT CC-5461AS -S09C3 TO P TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS L IG Revision issued in 2012. HT Free Datasheet http:// TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CC-5461AS 3/7 ELECTRICAL/OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC (1) ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25。 C) PARAMETER PER SEGMENT Reverse Voltage Forward Current Peak Forward Current (1/10 Duty Cycle) Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range SYMBOL VR IF IPEAK PD TA MAX 5 30 UNIT H 120 80 T V/seg mA/seg mA/seg mW/seg ℃ ℃ – 35 ~ + 85 – 35 ~ + 85 Solder Temperature 1/16 inch below seating plane for 3 seconds MAX 260℃ ELECTRICAL-OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( Ta=25。 C) PARAMETER SYMBOL R Luminous Intensity MIN. 13500 17550 26326 1.80 TYP. 15524 21937 32907 2.10 635 20 MAX. 17549 26325 39489 2.40 20 V/seg nm nm uA IF=20mA IF=20mA IF=20mA VR=5v ucd IF=10mA UNIT TEST CONDITIONS IV S T P Forward Voltage VF λp Δλ IR TO Peak Emission Wavelength Spectral Line Half-Width Reverse Current TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS L IG TSTG Revision issued in 2012. Free Datasheet http:// TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CC-5461AS 4/7 ELECTRICAL/OPTICAL CHARACTERISTIC (2) TOP° ° L° IG° ° TOPLIGHT-CC-5461AS HT Revision issued in 2012. Free Datasheet http:// TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CC-5461AS 5/7 QUALITY CONTROL AND ASSURANCE CLASSIFICA TION TEST ITEM Description AND TEST CONDITION ENDUTRAN CE TEST LOW TEMPERATURE STORAGE To evaluate device’s durability for long tem storage in low temperature Ta=-35℃±5℃ Test time=1000HRS(-24HRS+72HRS) TEMPERATURE CYCLING To evaluate resistance of devices under thermal stress,expansion and co […]

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CC-5461AS Datasheet