CD1517CP Datasheet PDF – 2×6 W Stereo Power Amplifier

Part Number : CD1517CP ( = TDA1517P )

Function : 2 x 6 W Stereo Power Amplifier

Package :  DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Long-Semi, NXP


CD1517CP datasheet


The CD1517 is an integrated class-B dual output amplifier in a plastic single inline medium power package with fin and a plastic heatdissipating dual inline package. The device is primarily developed for multimedia applications.


CD1517CP pinout


1. Requires very few external components
2. High output power
3. Fixed gain
4. Good ripple rejection
5. Mute/standby switch
6. AC and DC shortcircuit safe to ground and VP
7. Thermally protected
8. Reverse polarity safe
9. Capability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V)
10. No switchon / switchoff plop
11. Electrostatic discharge protection.


Other data sheets within the file : CD1517, 1517

CD1517CP Datasheet PDF

CD1517CP pdf