CD2399GP Datasheet PDF Pinout – Echo Processor IC

Part Number : CD2399GP

Function : Reverb FM tuning circuit

Package : DIP 16, SOP 16 Type

Manufactures :


CD2399GP image



CD2399GP is a reverb processing chip, which includes a digital-analog, analog to digital conversion and high sampling frequency, but also built a 44K of memory. Digital processing section generates a delay time. The system clock with built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, a major digital processing circuit Characteristics, making it very easy to adjust the frequency. CD2399GP advantage is that it has very low noise and distortion factor (NO <-90dBV), it is possible to output high quality audio signals. In order to pursue a simpler PCB layout placement and lower cost, CD2399GP pinout and application circuit are optimized.


CD2399GP datasheet pdf


  1. With automatic reset function
  2. Low noise, typically, NO <-90dBV
  3. Low distortion, THD <1.0%
  4. Externally adjustable voltage-controlled oscillator

CD2399GP Datasheet