CD2399GP PDF Datasheet – Reverberation Processing Chip

A reverberation processing chip, also known as a reverb chip or DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip for reverb, is a specialized integrated circuit designed to generate artificial reverberation effects in audio signals. Reverberation is a phenomenon that occurs when sound waves reflect off surfaces in an environment, creating a sense of space, depth, and acoustic realism. In audio production, reverb effects are used to simulate different acoustic environments, from small rooms to large concert halls.

The Part Number is CD2399GP.

The function of this semiconductor is Reverb FM tuning circuit.

The package is 16 Pin type.

Manufacturer: ETC

Preview images :CD2399GP pdf pinout


CD2399GP is a reverberation processing chip, which has digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital conversion functions and high sampling frequency, and also has a built-in 44K memory. The digital processing part generates the delay time. The system clock is generated by a built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, which is a major feature of digital processing circuits, which makes the frequency easy to adjust. […]


1. with automatic reset function

2. Low noise, typically, NO<-90dBV

3. Low distortion, THD<1.0%

4. Externally adjustable VCO

Block Diagram:
CD2399GP datasheet

CD2399GP PDF Datasheet