CD4026BE Datasheet – CMOS Decade Counters / Dividers – TI

This is one of the semiconductor types. Package is PDIP 16 Pin Package.

This part name is CD4026BE. This product has CMOS Decade Counters / Dividers function.

The manufacturers of this product is Texas Instruments, Harris Semiconductor.

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CD4026BE datasheet


CD4026BE each consist of a 5-stage Johnson decade counter and an output decoder which converts the Johnson code to a 7-segment decoded output for driving one stage in a numerical display. This device is particularly advantageous in display applications where low power dissipation and / or low package count are important.

CD4026BE pinout


1. Counter and 7-segment decoding in one package
2. Easily interfaced with 7-segment display types
3. Fully static counter operation : DC to 6 Mhz(typ.) at Vdd=10V
4. Ideal for low-power displays
5. Display enable output
6. Schmitt-triggered clock inputs



1. Decade counting 7-segment decimal display
2. Frequency division 7-segment decimal display
3. Counter / display driver for meter applications

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CD4026BE pdf

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