CD4049 Datasheet – CMOS Hex Buffer/Converter ( PDF )

Part Number: CD4049, CD4049UBE, CD4049BE, CD4049UBF

Function : CMOS Hex Buffer/Converter

Package: DIP 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: Harris, RCA, Intersil


CD4049 CMOS Hex Buffer Converter


The CD4049 is an inverting hex buffer and features logic level conversion using only one supply (voltage (VCC). The input signal high level (VIH) can exceed the VCC supply voltage when this device is used for logic level conversions. This device is intended for use as CMOS to DTL/TTL converters and can drive directly two DTL/TTL loads. (VCC = 5V, VOL ≤ 0.4V, and IOL ≥ 3.3mA.


CD4049 datasheet pinout


1. High Voltage Type (20V Rating)
2. Inverting Type
3. High Sink Current for Driving 2 TTL Loads
4. High-to-Low Level Logic Conversion
5. 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20V
6. Maximum Input Current of 1µA at 18V Over Full Package Temperature Range
7. 5V, 10V and 15V Parametric Ratings


1. CMOS to DTL/TTL Hex Converter
2. CMOS Current “Sink” or “Source” Driver
3. CMOS High-to-Low Logic Level Converter

CD4049 Datasheet


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