CH340G Datasheet – USB to UART Interface – WCH

Part Number : CH340G

Function : USB  to  UART  Interface ( USB Interface Integrated Circuit )

Package : SOIC 16 Pin

Manufactures : WCH ( DreamCity Innovations )

Image :

CH340G datasheet image

Description :

The CH340 is a series of USB bus adapters, that provides serial, parallel or IrDA interfaces over the USB bus (note: CH340G supports serial interface only). The CH340G integrate circuit provides common MODEM signals to allow adding a UART to a computer, or converting existing UART devices to USB interface.

Pinout :

CH340G pinout

1. Full-speed USB interface, compatible with USB 2.0 interface.

2. Operates with a minimum amount of external components: a crystal and a minimum of four

3. Provides a virtual serial port for upgrading existing serial port devices or adding serial ports
to a PC.

4. Supports all existing applications using serial ports without the need of changing existing

5. RoHS-compliant narrow body SO-16 package.

CH340G Datasheet

CH340G pdf



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