CHE1270-QAG Datasheet – 5-44Ghz Detector, Microwave IC

Part Number : CHE1270-QAG

Function : 5-44Ghz Detector, GaAs Monolithic Microwave IC

Package : 16L-QFN3x3 Type

Manufacturers : United Monolithic Semiconductors

Image and Pinouts :

CHE1270-QAG datasheet


Description :

The CHE1270-QAG is a detector that integrates a metched detector diode(Vdet) and a reference diode(Vref). It is designed for a wide range of applications where an accurate transmitted power control is required, typically commercial communication systems. The circuit is manufactured with a Schottky diode MMIC process, 1μm gate length, via holes through the substrate and air bridges.

Features :

1. Broadband performances: 5-44GHz

2. 30dB dynamic range

3. ESD protected

Other data sheets within the file : CHE1270QAG


CHE1270-QAG Datasheet PDF Download

CHE1270-QAG pdf

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