CHQ1838D PDF Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module

Part Number: CHQ1838D

Function: Infrared Receiver Module

Manufacturer: CHQ


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This is Infrared Receiver Module.


1. Small design

2. Built-in dedicated IC

3. Wide angle and long distance reception

4. Strong anti-dry ability

5. Can withstand the influence of ambient light

6. Low voltage work


1. Audio-visual equipment (audio, television, video recorder, disc player)

2. Home appliances (air conditioners, fans, lamps)

3. Other infrared remote control products;


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Use caution :

1. Store and use in an environment without any external pressure and affect the quality;

2. Store and use in a non-polluting gas or sea breeze (containing salt) environment;

3. Store and use in a low humidity environment;

CHQ1838D Datasheet