CIR2272AN PDF – RF Amplification Fixed Code Decoder

This post explains for the Code Decoder.

The Part Number is CIR2272AN.

The function of this semiconductor is Built-in RF amplification fixed code decoder.

The package is DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Chiprui

Preview images :

CIR2272AN pinout datasheet


An RF amplification fixed code decoder is a device used to decode and process RF (radio frequency) signals in applications such as remote control systems, wireless security systems, or other wireless communication systems that utilize fixed code encoding.

CIR2272AN is a fixed code decoding integrated circuit with built-in RF amplification, which is paired with CIR2262A. Up to 312 groups of codes can be combined. The probability of repeated codes is reduced.

It integrates RF amplification. Thereby greatly simplifying the circuit of the product. Reduced production costs. The production process is reduced. Effectively optimize the design of the product circuit. This product is widely used in industrial remote control fields such as remote control doorbell, remote control switch, remote control alarm, etc.

RF amplification fixed code decoders are commonly used in various wireless communication systems that require the decoding and processing of fixed code RF signals. They are often employed in remote control systems for applications like garage door openers, wireless key fobs, wireless security systems, and other similar wireless control applications.

[…]CIR2272AN schematic pdf


. COMS process integrated circuit
. With RF amplification mode
. Built-in RF signal shaping circuit
. Stable internal amplifier gain
. With optional function of working mode
. Available in DIP package

Application range:

. Remote doorbell
. Remote switch
. Remote alarm, etc.

CIR2272AN Datasheet