CKG57NX Datasheet PDF – Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Part Number : CKG57NX


Package : Stacked type, 6.0×5.0 mm

Manufacturers : TDK Corporation

Image :

CKG57NX datasheet


Description :

This is Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor.

CKG series is a product which metal frames are attached to the terminal electrodes of MLCC. It is also referred to as MEGACAP. Because the metal frame relieves mechanical stress and thermal shock, CKG series is an extremely reliable product. In addition, the stacked type is effective in mounting
area reduction because twice capacitance functions by the stacked structure.

Features :

• Metal frames relieve mechanical stress and thermal shock.

• Stacked type has twice the capacitance in the same area.

• C0G type having excellent stable temperature and DC-bias characteristics is also available

Ordering Information :

1. CKG32K [EIACC1210]
2. CKG45K [EIACC1812]
3. CKG45N [EIACC1812]
4. CKG57K [EIACC2220]
5. CKG57N [EIACC2220]

Other data sheets within the file :

CKG32KX7R1E106K335AJ, CKG32KX7R1E106M335AJ,




CKG57NX Datasheet PDF Download

CKG57NX pdf

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