CLF1G0035-100 Datasheet PDF – Broadband 100 W Amplifier

Part Number: CLF1G0035-100

Function: Broadband RF power GaN HEMT

Package: SOT467C type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts:

CLF1G0035-100 datasheet



CLF1G0035-100 and CLF1G0035S-100 are broadband general purpose 100 W amplifiers with first generation GaN HEMT technology from NXP.  Frequency of operation is from DC to 3.5 GHz.


1. Frequency of operation is from DC to 3.5 GHz

2. 100 W general purpose broadband RF Power GaN HEMT

3. Excellent ruggedness (VSWR 10 : 1)

4. High voltage operation (50 V)

5. Thermally enhanced package



1. Commercial wireless infrastructure (Cellular, Wimax)

2. Radar

3. Broadband general purpose amplifier

4. Public mobile radios

5. Industrial, scientific, medical

Official Site :

Other data sheets are available within the file: CLF1G0035-100


CLF1G0035-100 Datasheet PDF Download

CLF1G0035-100 pdf

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