CM2038A Datasheet – Dual 3.5W Audio Power Amplifier – CCMIC

Part Number: CM2038A

Function: Dual 3.5W audio power amplifier circuit

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: CCMIC


CM2038A audio amplifier


The CM2038A is a dual BTL audio power amplifier. When the supply voltage is 6V, to ensure that the THD is less than 10% of the cases, to 4Ω load to provide 3.5W of output power or 8Ω load to provide 2.2W of output power. The audio power amplifier peripheral components rarely, high-quality output power.

The CM2038A features external control, low power shutdown mode and internal thermal protection, and reduces “start-up surge” in the circuit.



CM2038A datasheet pinout


1. The load is 4Ω The voltage 6V is typically 3.5W
2. The load is 4Ω and the voltage 5V is typically 2.7W
3. The shutdown current is typically 1μA
4. Operating voltage range of 2.2V ~ 6.0V
5. Boot pulse surge suppression circuit
6. Overheat protection circuit


CM2038A Datasheet


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