CPC7592 Datasheet – Line Card Access Switch ( PDF )

Part Number : CPC7592

Function : Line Card Access Switch

Package : SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : IXYS CORPORATION

Pinouts :

CPC7592 datasheet

Description :

The CPC7592 is a member of IXYS Integrated Circuits Division’s next generation Line Card Access Switch family. This monolithic 6-pole solid-state switch is available in a 16-pin SOIC package.

It provides the necessary functions to replace two 2-Form-C electro-mechanical relays used on traditional analog and contemporary integrated voice and data (IVD) line cards found in Central Office, Access, and PBX equipment. Because this device contains solid state switches for tip and ring line break, ringing injection/return, and test access, it needs only a +5V supply for operation and logic-level inputs for control.

Block Diagram :

Features :

• TTL logic level inputs for 3.3V logic interfaces

• Smart logic for power up / hot plug state control

• Monolithic IC reliability

• Low matched RON

• Eliminates the need for zero cross switching

• Flexible switch timing to transition from ringing mode to talk mode.

Applications :

• Central office (CO)

• Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)

• PBX Systems

• Digitally Added Main Line (DAML)

• Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)

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