CR3500SA Datasheet – 320V, Diode – Littelfuse

Part Number: CR3500SA

Function: Circuit Protection  > TVS – Thyristors > Diode

Package:  DO-214AA

Manufacturer: Littelfuse


CR3500SA littelfuse


This is Obsolete item.

The CR range of protectors are based on the proven technology of the T10 thyristor product. Designed for transient voltage protection of telecommunications equipment, it provides higher power handling than a conventional avalanche diode (TVS) and when compared to a GDT offers lower voltage clamping levels and infinite surge life.

Packaged in a transfer molded DO-214AA surface mount outline designed for high speed pick & place machines used in today’s surface mount assembly lines.

Electrical Charecteristics :

The electrical characteristics of a CR3500SA device is similar to that of a self gated Triac, but the CR is a two terminal device with no gate. The gate function is achieved by an internal current controlled mechanism. Like the T.T.S. diodes, the CRXXXX has a standoff voltage (Vrm) which should be equal to or greater than the operating voltage of the system to be protected. At this voltage (Vrm) the current consumption of the CRXXXX is negligible and will not effect the protected system.

When a transient occurs, the voltage across the CR3500SA will increase until the breakdown voltage (Vbr) is reached. At this point the device will operate in a similar way to a T.V.S. device and is in an avalanche mode.

12. Terminal : Pin type (Au Plating) See attached drawing
13. RoHS : yes

Absolute maximum ratings :
CR3500SA datasheet


Electrical Charecteristics (Tj=25°C)
VRM : Stand-off Coltage
IRM : Stand-off Current
VBR : Breakdown Voltage
IBO : Breakover Current
VBO : Breakover Voltage
IH : Holding Current
VT : On-State Voltage


CR3500SA Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: CR2600SA, CR3500SB

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