CR5224 Datasheet – 15W Power Management Control IC

Part Number : CR5224, CR5224T

Function : Off-line switching power supply IC

Package : DIP-8L Type

Manufactures : Chip-Rail ( )


CR5224 Power Management IC


CR522X is used for off-line switching power supply IC within 24W, the IC contains high-voltage power MOSFET, with optimized totem drive power And current-mode PWM controllers. The PWM controller consists of a 50 kHz fixed frequency oscillating generator and various protections. By oscillating electricity
Frequency jitter generated by the circuit, can improve EMI characteristics. In order to obtain good efficiency and standby power consumption, CR522X in heavy or medium load, the work in PWM mode, the frequency of 50KHz.



1. Built-in 650V power switching MOSFET (CR5224 built-in 630V MOSFET)
2. Over-temperature protection.
3. Low starting current: 3uA (Typ)
4. Low operating current: 2mA (Typ)
5. Built-in soft-start to reduce MOSFET stress
6. Built-in frequency jitter to improve EMI characteristics.
7. Built-in ramp compensation circuit
8. 50KHz switching frequency
9. Hiccup Mode & PFM operating mode designed to improve efficiency and minimize standby power consumption
10. VDD undervoltage protection (UVLO), over-voltage protection (OVP) and VDD voltage clamping function, OLP and other self-recovery protection



CR5224 datasheet pinout




1. Bbattery charger
2. Digital product adapters
3. VCR, SVR, STB, DVD and other power PC, TV auxiliary power supply
4. Open source



CR5224 Datasheet