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This is one of the control chip types.

Part Number : CR5228

Function : PWM Control Chip

Package : DIP-8L Type

Manufacturers : Chip Rail

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Description :

The CR5228, CR522X is a current-mode, anti-flop PWM control chip with built-in high-voltage power MOSFET. It is suitable for full-voltage range offline flyback switching power supply within 5-18W. It has the advantages of high performance, low standby power consumption and low cost. Complete protection features are designed, including soft start, OTP, UVLO, OVP and clamp, OCP, OLP, And totem-pole output-driven high-clamp, etc., in particular, to deal with audio noise and FM interference. Chip built-in frequency jitter and totem-pole gate soft-drive technology can easily get good EMI performance. CR522X DIP-8L package,

1. CR5224 supports adapter applications within 12W, compatible with OB2353 / OB2354, CR6224
2. CR5228 support full voltage adapter within 15W applications, compatible with OB2358, CR6228
3. CR5229 supports full voltage adapter within 18W applications

CR5228 Pinouts :

CR5228 datasheet


1. Built-in 650V power switching MOSFET (CR5224 built-in 630V MOSFET)
2. Over temperature protection
3. Low starting current: 3uA (Typ)
4. Low operating current: 2mA (Typ)
5. Built-in soft start to reduce MOSFET stress
6. Built-in frequency jitter to improve EMI characteristics
7. Built-in ramp compensation circuit
8. 50KHz switching frequency

Spec :

1. Regulation : Flyback
2. Max Pout (universal input) : 16 W
3. Max Output Power (230Vac input) : 20 W
4. Frequency : 50 KHz


1. Battery charger
2. Digital product adapter
3. VCR, SVR, STB, DVD, etc.
4. PC, TV auxiliary power supply
5. Open power supply

Application circuit

Other data sheets within the file : CR5223, CR5224, CR5229


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