CR6842 Datasheet PDF – Green-Power PWM Controller

Part Number : CR6842

Function : Green-Power PWM Controller

Manufacturers : Chip Rail

Package : DIP 8 Pin, SOP 8 Pin

Pinouts :

CR6842 datasheet


Description :

The CR6842 is a low startup current , low cost, current mode PWM controller with Green-Power & burst-mode power-saving operation. The integrated functions such as the leading-edge blanking of the current sensing, internal slope compensation provide the users a high efficiency, low external component counts, and low cost solution for AC/DC power applications.


1. Low Cost, Green-Power Burst-Mode PWM
2. Very Low Start-up Current ( about 6μA)
3. Low Operating Current ( about 3mA)
4. Current Mode Operation
5. Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
6. VDD Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
7. programmable over-temperature protection
8. Internal Latch Circuit(OTP,OVP)
9. Built-in soft start with 1ms
10. Built-in Frequency jitter for better EMI Signature
11. Soft Clamped gate output voltage 16.5V


1. Power Adaptor
2. Battery Charger Adapter
3. Open Frame Switching Power Supply
4. LCD Monitor


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CR6842 pdf